Pool Salt Chlorinator CFAG

CFAG Swimming pool saltwater system features with easy operation, can auto generator the maximum amount of chlorine for the pool in 24 hours, do not worry about the high salt level and temperature. And has winter mode, no worries on winter.
Simple and safe tank maintenance can be performed without mixing, measuring and storing harsh chemicals
Eliminate the foul smell of chlorine and create a more relaxing swimming pool environment.
Manufacture price, engineers in US and Australia.
ETL Certificated.

How Salt Generators Work

Some people believe that salt pools do not contain chlorine. This could not be further from the truth. Salt pools sanitize the water with chlorine like any other pool. The difference between them is how the chlorine is added to the pool. Salt chlorine generators convert sodium chloride (NaCl), also known as table salt, into chlorine gas. These salt generators, also known as salt batteries, work by electrolysis. Salt water is charged, which splits the salt molecules and produces chlorine (Cl).

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CFAG salt chlorine generator transform salt to chlorine effectively and safety. there is no need to clean the salt chlorinator by youself with self-cleaning function. The flow sensor can make the flow easy to track. what ever you need, we got it.

Chlorine Output

For pool size


10 to 40m3/10,000 gallon/40,000 ltrs


40 to 60 m3/15,000 gallon/60,000 ltrs


60 to 75 m3/20,000 gallon/75,000 ltrs

1.Water flow detector
2. Adjustable chlorine output
3. Winter chlorination mode
4. High & low salt indicators & protection
5. Easy setting design

Model No. CFAG 10K/15K/20K
Chlorine Output 10/15/20 grams/hour
Salt Level 2800-5000PPM(Ideal 3000PPM-4000PPM)
Cell lifetime 7000/10000/15000/25000 hours for choice
Cell Self cleaning Reverse polarity
Salt Chlorinator Style Suitable for Above ground Pool
Gross Weight Round 6.2kgs
Carton Size 44.5*38.5*17.5 cm


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