Pool Salt Chlorinator CFSW

CFSW Salt Chlorination System is part of best-selling salt system family owned.It is usually for your aboveground pool. Enjoy your family time with your lovers and kids.

The benefits of salt systems in pools are the convenience and the constant delivery of pure chlorine-based sanitizer.

Compared with traditional chlorination methods, the reduction of irritating chloramines and the “softening” effect of electrolysis can reduce the alkali metal minerals dissolved in water, which is also considered beneficial. For some people who are sensitive to chlorine, these systems may be less aggressive. Since the price of salt is much lower than commercial chlorine, salt pools that are maintained throughout the year are cheap.

Simple and safe tank maintenance can be performed without mixing, measuring and storing harsh chemicals.

Eliminate the foul smell of chlorine and create a more relaxing swimming pool environment.

Manufacture price, engineers in US and Australia.

ETL/CE Certificated.

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CFSW salt water system is economical and easy to operate, suitable for a small pool area. With good price, we try to provide you high quality salt chlorinator system. It do not need extra pipe working again, we have a variety of adapters, just contact us and tell us your pipe size.

Model NO. For pool size
CFSW10G 10 to 40 m³/10,000 gallon/40,000 liters
CFSW15G 40 to 60 m³/15,000 gallon/60,000 liters
CFSW20G 60 to 75 m³/20,000 gallon/75,000 liters

1. Water detector
2. Adjustable chlorine output
3. Winter chlorination mode
4. High & low salt indicators & protection
5. Green light indicate cell working
6. Self-cleaning function to prolong the lifetime of cell.

Model NO. CFSW10/15/20
Chlorine Output 10/20 grams/H
Salt Level 3000-4000 PPM
Cell Self cleaning Reverse polarity
Salt Chlorination Style Suitable for InGround and aboveground Pool
Unit Gross Weight Round 10kgs
Unit Size 35*22*10cm
Voltage 120V,60HZ

1year or 2 years

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